Flu Vaccine Supply Expected to Increase This Year

This flu season, which begins in October, will see a higher supply of flu vaccines than in recent years, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention told CNN.com this week. Last year, 157 million doses were produced. This year, 166 million doses will be made, with the hope that more people will get the vaccine if it's more readily available.

The new vaccine will immunize against the same strains of flu as last year's, including the H1N1 virus known as "swine flu." The CDC recommends that all Americans older than six months of age receive a vaccine every year. The vaccine is typically offered as a single dose, though young children between the ages of six months and eight years old who have never been vaccinated against the flu, or whose vaccination status is unknown, require a second "booster" dose of the vaccine four weeks later.

A CDC official told CNN that an estimated 41 percent of Americans received the vaccine last year, including 49 percent of pregnant women.

(image via: http://www.neighborhood-kids.com)

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