By Sherry Huang
January 13, 2015

Your texts aren't the only place AMBER Alerts will now appear.

AMBER is an acronym for America's Missing: Broadcast Emergency Response, and the alerts were created in honor of 9-year-old Amber Hagerman, who was kidnapped and killed over a decade ago.

With the rise in social sharing, this partnership (the first with a social media site) will ensure that more people will notice and look out for missing children. More than 720 kids are recovered each year because of AMBER alerts, some who have been found because of shared posts on Facebook.

Sherry Huang is a Features Editor for who covers baby-related content. She loves collecting children's picture books and has an undeniable love for cookies of all kinds. Her spirit animal would be Beyoncé Pad Thai. Follow her on Twitter @sherendipitea

Image: Screenshot of a Facebook AMBER Alert courtesy of Facebook


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