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Facebook Launches New Pregnancy Announcement Tool

Expectant parents can add their unborn child to their Facebook "Friends and Family" lists with a new tool that launched last week.  According to Yahoo news, parents can now update their profiles by filling out an "Expected Child" field and entering due date, names, ultrasound pictures, and other information.

Previously, some excited parents created profile pages for their unborn children, which technically violates Facebook's policy of requiring that users by at least 13 years of age.

Though many are likely to use and enjoy the new feature, some are urging caution because pregnancies do not always go according to plan.  As one blogger writes:

The risk of a situation involving possibly hundreds of "friends" knowing details that turned out to be too tragic or personal to share is very great. Having a child is a very exciting thing to happen, but when there's someone's health at stake, it's probably better to be extremely cautious and/or patient before making such an announcement on Facebook.

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