Shortly after giving birth to her third child, Sara Porter contracted a rare bacterial infection that ultimately took her life.

By Hollee Actman Becker
March 17, 2017
Sara Porter and family
Credit: In Loving Memory of Sara Porter/GoFundMe

Sara Porter had just given birth to her third son, Jonas, when she contracted an extremely rare bacterial infection. She fought hard for several days before losing her battle on March 13, leaving behind Jonas as well as sons Luca, 2, and Mateo, 4, and husband Dominic Gilette.

So heartbreaking! Now family friends Billy and Holly Cislo-Livermore have started a GoFundMe page in her memory, in order to help Dominic deal with the unexpected loss of his wife.

"Sara was an amazing wife and mother who dedicated her life to her family, raising the boys, and providing them with a loving home," they wrote. "This is an incomprehensible, unexpected loss for Dominic and the boys. This fund is being set up to help him handle the costs associated with this sudden loss and for providing for Mateo, Luca, & Jonas' future. As a single father of three young boys, Dominic will need all our help and support in the months and years to come."

The initial donation goal for the campaign was $20,000. But since Sara had been a producer on "Conan," show host Conan O'Brien himself donated $10K, and the show donated $10,100—all in less than 24 hours! Curently, the total raised is more than $118,000, and the page is filled with hundreds of kind messages from family and friends, as well as from people who have never even met the family.

sara porter and sons

Pretty incredible! And here's something even sweeter: Bill and Holly are now asking anyone who knew Sara to send videos, pictures, and kind messages to so her boys will have pieces of her to remember as they grow up.

"Please share stories, pictures, etc. of Sara so [Dominic] can show the boys when they are older," they wrote. "And please remember the boys on their birthdays: Mateo: May 13; Luca: November 5; Jonas: March 8. They are an amazing, beautiful family and, as you all know, Dominic would never ask for help but this is a catastrophic loss for the Gillette family and anything will help."

If you'd like to pitch in, please visit the family's GoFundMe page.

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