California Lawmakers Say No To Circumcision Bans

If you're following the circumcision debate in California, here's the latest: The California legislature this week approved a bill that prevents local communities from banning circumcision, The Associated Press reports.

The bill was a response to events this summer in San Francisco, where an anti-circumcision group collected more than 7,500 signatures to place a measure banning circumcision on the November ballot. When a coalition of Jewish and Muslim groups sued, a judge blocked the ballot measure.

The bill now heads to Governor Jerry Brown for his signature.

From the AP:

The author of [the bill], Democratic Assemblyman Mike Gatto of Los Angeles, says [circumcision] has cultural and health benefits and should require statewide rules.

Challengers say it is an unnecessary surgery that may lead to sexual and health problems later in life. Advocates say circumcision is an important religious practice for many Jews and Muslims and can reduce the risk of cancer and sexually transmitted diseases.

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