The actress was hospitalized after experiencing excruciating pain in her lower right side from a twisted ovary.

By Hollee Actman Becker
September 13, 2017

When Busy Philipps went out last Saturday night to celebrate her BFF Michelle Williams' birthday, she probably never imagined her evening would end in the hospital. But that's exactly where she landed after a frightening health scare.

"Last night ended super weird," the Dawson's Creek alum later explained on Instagram. "I had a crazy excruciating pain in my lower right side and after a long time at Mass Gen, it was determined my ovary had flipped over—it's called torsion."

An ovarian torsion, otherwise known as a twisted ovary, occurs when an ovary flips over and rotates, cutting off its own blood supply in the process. Symptoms include lower abdominal pain, nausea, and fever. And while Philipps got lucky since her ovary flipped back on its own, if it didn't, she would have had to get surgery or risk losing it—something the actress said actually happened to a friend of hers. And that's part of the reason she decided to share her story.

"My point of posting this was I felt like an idiot for going to the hospital but ultimately, going was the right move!" she explained. "It always is! Even if they say you're fine and send you on your way!"

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Such great advice. Never be afraid to listen to your body and seek medical attention when you're experiencing pain. We hope this wise mama feels better soon!

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