The Hollywood blogger known as Perez Hilton has announced  a new website,, that will focus on celebrity pregnancies and kids, plus advice and tips for non-celeb families, Reuters is reporting.

According to the article, Hilton says his new site will offer parents advice from pediatricians and a wide variety of people he calls "mommy experts."

"It's very exciting because it's just another example of how celebrity news doesn't need to be negative. People love babies and children and pregnancies. People love weddings; people love new couples. It's not just about train wrecks and out-of-control celebrities," Hilton told Reuters.

Hilton's wildly popular Hollywood gossip blog gets an estimated 200 million pageviews each month.  About a year ago, Hilton responded to a wave of gay teen suicides and bullying by pledging to tone down the mean and hyper-critical rhetoric he used on his site.  Since then, he has launched additional sites focusing on fitness and fashion.