The TwinGo baby carrier's waist buckle may fail and cause babies to fall. Here's what you need to know about this recall.

By Melissa Willets
May 12, 2016
twingo carrier

Listen up, moms of twins! The TwinGo baby carrier is being recalled because of a potential waist buckle failure that could lead to babies falling.

According to ABC News, 13 waist buckle failures have been reported so far on the "TwinGo Original" baby carrier, including 10 in the U.S., as well as in Canada and the U.K. Thankfully, no infants were hurt.

Now, in cooperation with the CPSC, 4,000 carriers sold online at and via specialty boutiques between December 2014 and this month are being recalled. The Chinese-made carrier, which was designed to hold either one or two babies between 10 and 45 pounds, retailed for $215, and featured black fabric on the outside, and blue or orange inside.

Batch numbers included in the recall are: 23014024003, 01515026003, and 21615019001. If your carrier is indeed affected, you should stop using the product immediately, and contact the company for a repair kit.

Watch the video on the TwinGo website to see how the carrier is being improved for the safety of families who use it. You can also call 888-288-9342, or email for more information.

In the video posted to the company's website, inventor and mom-of-twins Krystal Workman says in part, "Safety and quality have always been top priority during the creation and production of the TwinGo. Our carriers have passed and continue to pass safety standards in the U.S. and Europe." She adds, "We aim to set the gold standard for tandem baby carriers. We know you put your trust in us. Be assured we will always strive to provide a safe, high-quality carrying option for your children."

Please share this recall information with any parents of multiples you know!

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