Aluminum May Lower Sperm Count: Study

If you're trying to get pregnant, consider this new piece of research.

According to a small study published in the journal Reproductive Toxicology, aluminum exposure may be the cause of male infertility that has been on the rise over the past several decades.

After analyzing the semen of 62 donors, scientists from the universities of Lyon and Saint-Etienne in France and Keele in the United Kingdom found that "the higher the aluminum, the lower the sperm count," a news release states.

"There has been a significant decline in male fertility, including sperm count, throughout the developed world over the past several decades and previous research has linked this to environmental factors such as endocrine disruptors," study leader, Professor Christopher Exley said in a news release.

Unfortunately, the study doesn't explain exactly how men are coming into contact with these high levels of aluminum—or what could be done to prevent such exposure.

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Photo of sperm courtesy of Shutterstock.

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