By Michela Tindera
October 02, 2014
Improving Language Skills Before Babies Can Talk

While a baby's first words aren't typically spoken until around 12 months of age, new research from Rutgers University shows that through specific auditory training, a baby's brain development can be sped up to improve overall language acquisition and processing.

"If you shape something while the baby is actually building it," April Benasich, director of the Infancy Studies Laboratory at the University's Center for Molecular and Behavioral Neuroscience said in a news release, "it allows each infant to build the best possible auditory network for his or her particular brain. This provides a stronger foundation for any language (or languages) the infant will be learning."

While this research has not been carried out long-term, the team that worked on the experiment plans to continue it until the babies that were initially involved reach 18 months old.

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Photo of baby courtesy of Shutterstock.