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Child Therapist Validates Mom's Gentle Parenting at Walmart, Even When It's Not the Easy Way
This Redditor scored more than just a deal at Walmart—she won at gentle parenting and earned much appreciated praise when she guided her child through a meltdown.
Reddit Thread Shows How Timers Have Helped Parents Give Willful Toddlers Necessary Boundaries
Parents on Reddit shared their success stories of using a timer to help their toddlers get through everyday tasks.
COVID Home Test Reporting Requirements Cause Chaos for Families
The problem with reporting at-home COVID tests right now is that there is a lot of variation in terms of "what counts," which leads to confusion and uncertainty for parents everywhere.
Smug Neighbor Shames Mom for Using Her Car to Soothe Her Children to Sleep
Driving kids around to soothe them is an age-old parenting trick — but one mom's neighbor dared to send her a note criticizing the environmental impact it carries.
This Mom Developed Pregnancy-Related Cancer—Now Her Twin Gave Birth to Her Second Child For Her
One mother had a hysterectomy to fight the rare cancer she developed after her first pregnancy—and her twin sister just made her dream of having another child a reality.
This Brand Just Made the Most Incredible Gesture to Support Grieving Parents
When a grieving mom wrote to Earth Mama Organics with a request, the company came through in a beautiful way.

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10 Outdated Disney Movies Parents Won't Show Their Kids, According to New Poll
They may have been your childhood staples, but parents today are keeping these Disney movies from their kids.
Mom Turned Her SUV Into a Billboard to Find Her Daughter a Kidney Donor
A young woman in Arizona is in need of a second kidney transplant. hHer mom has turned her SUV into a mobile advertisement for a donor. 
Fire Department Is Warning Parents About Scalding Water From Garden Hoses

Las Vegas emergency officials are warning parents about the danger of spraying children or animals with a garden hose that's been left sitting in the sun.