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2 Kids Injured After Bounce House Blows Away

bounce house
A bounce house that had two children inside blew across a field in Colorado on Saturday. A young girl was thrown about eight feet into the air and a boy was trapped in the bounce house. This happened just weeks after a similar incident occurred in upstate New York. More from TIME:

Witness Desiree Hunter described watching the structure tumble across the field "like a bag in the wind" in Littleton, Colo., KUSA reports.

The incident marks the second time in the past month that a bounce house has caused injuries after getting picked up by a gust of wind. Two young boys were injured in upstate New York in mid-May when they fell 15 feet out of an inflatable attraction that reached a height of 50 feet in the air.

Local officials said the girl was released on site while the boy, who was trapped in the bounce house as it traveled 200 to 300 feet, was taken into an ambulance. Police do not believe he suffered serious injuries.

Airbound, the company that manufactured the bounce house, did not respond to KUSA's request for comment.

Similar incidents in the past few year have prompted Jim Barber, a National Association of Amusement Ride Safety Officials spokesman, to call bounce houses "probably the most dangerous amusement devices they have" in 2011.

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