Treating Children with Psychiatric Disorders

Medication is important, but so is a support network that offers thoughtful care. Watch this video from the Child Mind Institute.


-If I were a parent thinking about putting my child on psychotropic medication at this time, I would think about a number of things before entering into that decision. Before we get to the level of what treatment is being prescribed, I think we have to think about the relationship between parents, the child and other sibs in the family, and the helping people that are involved. There really needs to be something called a therapeutic alliance that you are willing to engage in so this responsibility on both sides. Don't just rely on expert to tell you all the magic answers that you want to hear, you know. A new drug, no side effects, all looks so fantastically promising. We all love magic solutions, but you really have to work at the issue of tailoring the regimen, the drug-- the-- not just meds, but other psycho-- psychotherapeutic intervention to the needs of a particular family. We have to think about children as developing people, so they go through stages and-- and they learn new things and they start to mature. And as a child who becomes then an adolescent, there are lots of changes that take place not just developmentally in terms of maturation, but also in terms of their needs, their social and behavioral needs. What's the role then of the treatment-- treatment-- treatment providers in that process? Is to do a lot of listening sometimes, to do a lot-- to have a lot of empathy for what's happening. At the same that we're doing state-of-the-art psychopharmacology, we also need to be doing state-of-the-art comprehensive care.

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