Mental Health Disorders: It's Not Your Fault

You're not the cause of a child's psychiatric disorder. But you can be a big part of the solution. Watch this video from the Child Mind Institute.


-Obviously when a child suffers from a psychiatric illness, parents are always worried that they've done something or they didn't do something that's caused it. The fact is that psychiatric illness in children and adolescents, while very common, is not caused by your parents. While your mother can be very depressing, she doesn't give you depression. The fact is that psychiatric disorders are caused by biological factors, by genetics, and sometimes the interaction between those and the environment. Children sometimes have a musical year or sometimes they have a gift for math or athletics. It's the same with depression, anxiety, or attention deficit hyperactivity disorder. So, while it's not a parent's fault, it's their responsibility to make sure that their kid gets identified, diagnosed, and the right treatment. Here's the good news. Parents can make things a lot better and it's parent's attention to the signs and symptoms and getting early identification and early intervention that can make a world of difference for a teenager or for a child who suffers from attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, anxiety, depression, or any psychiatric disorder.

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