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It's important to get kids with mental health problems the help that they need. Learn about anxiety disorders, ADHD, OCD, dyslexia, and more.

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The Nursing Shortage is Putting a Strain on Parents Who Are Health Care Workers
Between long hospital shifts and responsibilities at home, parents who are nurses are taking on double duty, and the mental load is burning out the nation's largest group of health care professionals.
Are You Suffering from Parental Compassion Fatigue? You're Not Alone But Here's What to Do
With the stress of the pandemic, some parents are struggling with compassion fatigue. Here are some symptoms, causes, and expert-backed advice on how to handle it.
It's Your Duty to Support Your LGBTQ+ Child's Mental Health, Here's How
Only one in three queer youth say their home is a supportive and safe space for them to be their true selves. Let's do better for our kids; experts share how.
How Decluttering at Home Sets Healthy Boundaries for Parents
It's amazing how cleaning the kitchen junk drawer or making room in the garage can become an unexpected test to a parent's mental health—and bring up boundary issues they never knew they had.
Can Suicide Prevention Start in Kindergarten?
Many schools have some form of suicide prevention programs for grades 6-12. Experts explain why age-appropriate programs can begin even earlier to prevent suicidal thoughts and attempts later in life.

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Carol’s Daughter Just Launched a Powerful Initiative to Support Black Maternal Health
The hair-care brand has teamed up with the Mama Glow Foundation to launch Love Delivered, a campaign committed to empowering and celebrating Black expectant womxn.
6 Ways to Cope With Negative Thoughts as a Parent
Mental health experts offer strategies for handling negative thoughts, even when kids are around.

My Struggle With Depression Has Made Me a Better Mom During the Pandemic

These days, when my son feels overwhelmed and helpless, I gently encourage him to make the small decisions that have helped me feel brighter for years.