When it comes to giving your kids medicine, learn what to stock in your medicine cabinet and medicine safety procedures.

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Is Pepto-Bismol Safe for Kids?
The pink stuff treats upset stomach and diarrhea, but the original Pepto-Bismol formula isn’t recommended for kids. Here’s what parents need to know.
Tamiflu and Kids: Everything Parents Need to Know
Tamiflu can decrease the severity of flu symptoms and shorten the illness by about 24 hours. Learn about who should take the antiviral medication, the potential side effects, and whether Tamiflu is safe for kids.
Mom Shares Genius Hack for Getting Babies to Take Medicine, Goes Viral
Getting a baby to take medicine is rarely easy—but one mom's simple trick is going viral. It's simple but it's totally genius!
How to Deal With Seasonal Allergies When You're Breastfeeding
If you're breastfeeding and looking for relief from seasonal allergies, here's how to know what medications are safe for you and Baby.
Is MiraLax the Cause of 'Horrifying' Changes Parents Are Seeing in Their Kids?
Parents have reported being "horrified" by the changes they've seen in their kids after taking the popular laxative. Here's what the experts say.
Reducing Home Allergens May Replace Asthma Meds, Which Many Kids Are Misusing
Two new studies look at the causes of asthma, and how to reduce the need for medication, which many kids may be misusing anyway!

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Why We Need to Stop Giving Our Kids Codeine ASAP
More than 800,000 kid younger than 11 were prescribed codeine between 2007 and 2011, despite known risks.
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Overuse of common lice treatments have rendered them ineffective, according to a new study.