When it comes to giving your kids medicine, learn what to stock in your medicine cabinet and medicine safety procedures.

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Tamiflu and Kids: Everything Parents Need to Know

Tamiflu can decrease the severity of flu symptoms and shorten the illness by about 24 hours. Learn about who should take the antiviral medication, the potential side effects, and whether Tamiflu is safe for kids.

I Was an Anti-Medicine Mom, Until My Daughter's Diagnosis

After my daughter was diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes, doctors helped me realize that natural remedies work best alongside, not instead of, modern medicine.

Mom Shares Genius Hack for Getting Babies to Take Medicine, Goes Viral

Getting a baby to take medicine is rarely easy—but one mom's simple trick is going viral. It's simple but it's totally genius!

Standard Practice on Antibiotics Called into Question

A new article in the British Medical Journal suggests that finishing the full antibiotic course isn't always necessary—but don't ditch those last few doses of antibiotics yet.

How to Deal With Seasonal Allergies When You're Breastfeeding

If you're breastfeeding and looking for relief from seasonal allergies, here's how to know what medications are safe for you and Baby.

Here's Why Your Child Might Not Really Be Allergic to Penicillin

According to a new study, many kids with reported penicillin allergy are not actually allergic to the drug. Here's what parents should know. 

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Birth Control Recall: Packaging Error Could Cause Unintended Pregnancy

Mibelas 24 Fe birth control pills are being recalled due to a packaging error that could lead women to take placebo instead of active pills.

New Study Reveals Expired EpiPens Still Work

Researchers found EpiPens may still deliver an effective dose during an allergic reaction up to four years after their expiration date.

Reducing Home Allergens May Replace Asthma Meds, Which Many Kids Are Misusing

Two new studies look at the causes of asthma, and how to reduce the need for medication, which many kids may be misusing anyway!