Stroller Safety

How to safely use a stroller.


Hi, I'm Jessica Hartshorn from American baby magazine and I'm gonna teach you the most important things to know about stroller safety. Here's one. When you unfold your stroller, make sure that it's in a locked position before you put your baby inside. Second, really make use of all of the stroller straps. Most strollers have a 5-point harness that goes around the baby's shoulders and also around the baby's waist. This keeps your baby from trying to stand up in the stroller and this one that comes to the center of their legs will also keep them from sliding down. All these straps should be clicked in to place before you take off. Strollers have breaks in the back that you can engage to stop the wheels. That way if you need to let go with a stroller to mail a letter or open a car door, the stroller is not gonna get away from you. It's tempting to hang on your bags and packages off of the back of the stroller, but beware if you really overload it, the stroller will tip backwards. So make sure you're making use of the basket under your child's seat for a lot of your stuff. And finally at the end of the day, when you take your baby out of the stroller to fold it up, make sure you keep your baby far away while you fold it so their little fingers can't get caught in any of the mechanisms while the stroller folds. And those are the most important things to know about stroller safety.

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