Your kid's health and safety is important. Learn how to keep your kids safe during a health emergency crisis, including which chemicals to avoid, burn prevention, and more.

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PSA: Your At-Home COVID Test Could Contain a Toxic Substance
Recent reports indicate that at-home COVID tests contain a potentially hazardous chemical called sodium azide, but they're still safe when used properly. Here's what parents need to know.
Under a Winter Storm Warning? Here Are 8 Things to Do Now to Keep Your Family Safe
Learn how to prepare for a snowstorm and keep your family safe in freezing temperatures and blizzard-like conditions, including how to heat your home if the power goes out.
This Is How Long It Takes for Your Kid to Poop Out a LEGO
Six doctors swallowed the heads of LEGO characters to see how long it would take to pass through their digestive systems. This is what they found.
Alarming New Study Finds Opioid Exposure on the Rise Among Young Kids
New research highlights the crucial importance of keeping prescription narcotics away from kids.
Study Finds Dangerous Misuse Of Bottles, Pacifiers
Accidents with Bottles, Pacifiers, and Sippy Cups. Courtesy of Nationwide Children's Hospital.
Why the Rise of E-Cigarettes Is Especially Dangerous for Young Kids
E-cigarette exposure can be more dangerous for kids than exposure to regular cigarettes, according to a new study.

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