Your kid's health and safety is important. Learn how to keep your kids safe during a health emergency crisis, including which chemicals to avoid, burn prevention, and more.

Is It Candy or Medicine?

Could your child tell the difference? You'd be surprised how many potentially poisonous products look good enough to eat. Here's how to protect your family.

Toxins in Tap Water: What You Should Know

What's flowing into your home and your child's school may not be as pure as you think. Learn how to find out whether contaminants are lurking, and what you can do about it.

Alarming New Study Finds Opioid Exposure on the Rise Among Young Kids

New research highlights the crucial importance of keeping prescription narcotics away from kids.

Keeping Kids Safe from Burns

Every day, more than 300 children are treated in emergency rooms for burn-related injuries. Take these burn safety precautions to protect your child.

10 Harmful Chemicals to Avoid

Here's a look at some of the most dangerous chemicals lurking in your home -- and how you can reduce your child's exposure to them.

Concussion Doc: Don't Let Your Kids Play Football

Dr. Bennet Omalu says parents shouldn't let kids under the age of 18 play football.

Pest-Proof Your Home, Safely

The chemicals you use to get rid of unwanted critters could be harming your family. Try these expert tips to nix pests without endangering anyone's health.

It Worked For Me: Safety Solutions

From the house to your car, there are so many safety hazards for your kids to avoid. Make life easier with these helpful solutions from readers.

What to Know About Lead Poisoning

Lead poisoning is a danger that's overlooked by parents and pediatricians alike, and it's continuing to silently endanger our children. Learn about the effects and the sources of lead poisoning.

Activity Seat Safety

Using an activity seat safely.

Amusement Rides: More Risk Than Fun?

Video Courtesy of Nationwide Children's Hospital.

Accidents: "It Happened to Me"

Kids' curiosity helps them learn about the world around them, but it can also lead to some rather bizarre accidents. Parents readers share the unbelievable tales of their child's tumbles, burns, and other injuries.

Stroller Safety

How to safely use a stroller.

Why the Rise of E-Cigarettes Is Especially Dangerous for Young Kids

E-cigarette exposure can be more dangerous for kids than exposure to regular cigarettes, according to a new study.

Environmental Dangers: What You Should Know

Parents advisor and environmental-health expert Dr. Philip Landrigan discusses environmental hazards and how they can affect your family.

Bouncer Seat Safety

How to safely use a bouncer seat.

Safe-Driving Rules For Moms

You've been driving for years, but you may be making mistakes that put you and your precious cargo at risk. We'll show you the smart moves moms should make before they get behind the wheel, when they're on the road and once they arrive to stay safe.

Study Finds Dangerous Misuse Of Bottles, Pacifiers

Accidents with Bottles, Pacifiers, and Sippy Cups. Courtesy of Nationwide Children's Hospital.

How To Keep Kids Safe from Rip Currents

Dr. Peter Wernicki of the American Red Cross demonstrates how to identify dangerous rip currents.

6-Year-Old Girl Nearly Dies After Drinking Mom's Liquid Nicotine

We know liquid nicotine is dangerous for kids, and no story better illustrates that potentially deadly fact more clearly than this one.