How to Stop a Nosebleed

Learn what to do when your child has a nosebleed. Although bloody noses can be messy, it's easy to staunch the flow with pressure and patience.


[MUSIC] A bloody nose can be messy. But there are only two things you need to stop the gushing. Pressure and patience. First, take a deep breath. Most nosebleeds aren't a big deal and will stop on their own. So don't panic. Grab a small bunch of tissues or a cold wash cloth and use it to pinch the lower soft part of the nose. Resist packing the nostrils with tissues or cotton balls. Don't let your child tilt his head back, the blood will race down his throat and could make him gag. Leaning slightly forward is a better bet. Don't peek! The best way to end a nose bleed is to press firmly and wait. Keep the pressure on for a good ten minutes. If the bleeding doesn't stop after ten minutes, settle in for another round. If he's nose won't quit after ten more minutes of pressing call the pediatrician or take him to an urgent care center. If it stops, have him avoid picking or blowing his nose for the next 24 hours. [MUSIC]

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