First Aid

When you have kids, accidents happen, so knowing first aid can come in handy. Learn first aid for common emergencies, what to pack in a first aid kit, and more.

CPR Parties Teach Parents Life-Saving Skills in the Comfort of Their Own Homes

You're going to want to host a CPR Party after learning about this super-simple yet revolutionary concept.

First-Aid Kit Essentials

Healing Kids' Cuts

A kiss and cute bandage are often all you need to take care of a boo-boo, but sometimes it takes a little more know-how to help wounds heal.

First Aid

Emergency procedures have changed over the years. Use this guide to check that your skills are up-to-date.

Fast First Aid Tips for 6 Common Accidents

From the moment your child takes his first steps, he's bound to have some tumbles. While you can't always prevent your natural-born daredevil from getting hurt, there's plenty you can do to make him feel better. We asked top doctors to share the best methods for patching up wounds, stocking a first-aid kit, and calming little patients -- so you can fix any boo-boo fast!

Parents, We're Caring for Kids' Concussions All Wrong

A new survey finds parents are treating kids' concussions using outdated advice, and may actually be hindering their recovery.

How to Treat a Burn

Follow these steps to treat a mild burn. Learn what methods work best to stop the pain and start the healing process.

How to Stop a Nosebleed

Learn what to do when your child has a nosebleed. Although bloody noses can be messy, it's easy to staunch the flow with pressure and patience.

Watch: How To Remove a Tick

Follow these steps to take a tick off your child's body.

How to Remove a Splinter

Splinters can be tough to remove, but these smart steps can make the process safer and easier.

How to Treat a Sprain or Strain

Kid has a sprain or strain? Don't panic! Learn the four things you need to do to treat these two common injuries, plus when to seek medical advice.

Bad News: Kids' Concussions May Take Longer To Heal Than We Thought

A new study from York University finds some scary effects of concussions in children.

Your Biggest Concussion Questions, Answered

It sounds extreme, but a seemingly harmless bump can affect your child's brain. Let's demystify this realm of child safety with the latest information.

12 First-Aid Tips for Common Kid Injuries

Maybe you're new to the world of kid accidents, or maybe you just need a refresher. Our primer will help you feel prepared--and your child stay calm--the next time she gets hurt.

First Aid for 5 Common Eye Ouches

Here's how to handle everything from itchy eyes to an eye injury, including what to treat at home and when to go to the hospital.

Fast First Aid: How to Treat a Burn

Skip the home remedies! All you need to soothe your child's scalded skin is cool water and a calm head.