During your kid's health emergency, such as a serious illness or a common accident, stay calm by learning emergency essentials and preparedness tips.

12 Kids' Symptoms You Should Never Ignore

The wait-and-see approach is fine for some kids' health problems. But not these.

Warning: Essential Oils Are Poisoning More and More Kids

Don't assume just because essential oils are naturally derived they can't cause your child serious harm.

10 Reasons to Call the Doctor Now

Is your child sick enough for a late-night call to the pediatrician? If you're really worried about your child, it's always better to call -- pediatricians expect to be awakened in the middle of the night. In fact, doctors say that many parents don't recognize some of the most serious medical situations. Here are the top 10 symptoms pediatricians want you to call about right away.

Making Sense of Scary Symptoms

We often lose more sleep over our kids' coughs than they do. They sometimes snooze through all that hacking while we lay awake listening. In truth, breathing problems would be tough to miss. Use this guide to sort out worrisome signs.

Does My Child Have a Concussion?

Details on what a concussion is, what the symptoms are, and when you should call a doctor.

Alarming New Study Finds Opioid Exposure on the Rise Among Young Kids

New research highlights the crucial importance of keeping prescription narcotics away from kids.

How to Perform the "Mother's Kiss"

If your child has a small object stuck up his nose, try this technique to get it out as quickly and painlessly as possible.

CPR Parties Teach Parents Life-Saving Skills in the Comfort of Their Own Homes

You're going to want to host a CPR Party after learning about this super-simple yet revolutionary concept.

20 Things to Know Before Taking Your Child to the ER

Not only do you have a sick or injured child who's scared -- but you're probably freaking out yourself. Here are 20 ways to take control, stay calm, and get topnotch care.

Must-Know Health Numbers

You can count on it! These 11 numbers will help you keep your family healthy and safe.

How to Stop a Nosebleed

Learn what to do when your child has a nosebleed. Although bloody noses can be messy, it's easy to staunch the flow with pressure and patience.

Watch: How To Remove a Tick

Follow these steps to take a tick off your child's body.

Why the Rise of E-Cigarettes Is Especially Dangerous for Young Kids

E-cigarette exposure can be more dangerous for kids than exposure to regular cigarettes, according to a new study.

How to Handle Your Child's Concussion

What you need to know and what you need to do if your child gets a concussion.

Mending Broken Hearts: Diagnosis and Treatment of Heart Defects

A pediatric cardiologist explains how problems happen and how far we've come in treating them.

How to Treat a Snakebite

In the event that your child is bitten by a snake, learn how to identify the reaction to get medical treatment immediately.

How to Help Children with Cardiomyopathy

September is Children's Cardiomyopathy Awareness Month. Here's how to help raise awareness about this devastating heart condition.

6-Year-Old Girl Nearly Dies After Drinking Mom's Liquid Nicotine

We know liquid nicotine is dangerous for kids, and no story better illustrates that potentially deadly fact more clearly than this one.

Pet Medications Are Sending Kids to the ER

A surprising number of kids need emergency medical attention after accidental exposure to pet medications.

Can Appendicitis Be Treated with Antibiotics Instead of Surgery?

Researchers found that three out of four children with uncomplicated appendicitis were successfully treated with antibiotics instead of surgery in this recent study.

How I Fell In (And Out Of) Love With Urgent Care

When my daughter injured her elbow after hours, I learned the limits of these timesaving medical facilities.

Study: ACL Injuries on the Rise for Kids

New research finds that ACL tears have been increasing each year over the past two decades.

Teen Dies From Caffeine Overdose: What Parents Need to Know

There's a lesson for all of us about soft drinks, coffee, and energy drinks in this tragic story about South Carolina teen Davis Allen Cripe.