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From food to sick days, keep day-to-day life simple and all natural for your whole family.

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How to Raise an Authentic Kid

When children act like their true selves, they experience increased happiness, improved self-esteem, and better relationships. Here’s how to teach authenticity during early childhood. 
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Is Elderberry Really Good for Kids? Here’s What Parents Need to Know

Elderberry syrup has long been used to treat the common cold, the dreaded flu, and other illnesses. Thinking of trying it? Here are the biggest benefits and how to use it safely for kids.
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3 Everyday Situations That Seem Like No Big Deal But Can Be Traumatic for Kids

Moving to a new house or having an injury may seem like minor situations, but events like these can still be traumatic for kids if not handled right. These are the things parents can do to step in and help.
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How Meditation Helps My 3-Year-Old Get Through Tough Situations

I introduced my toddler to meditation hoping it might help her fall asleep easier. It worked. But a year later, meditating with my daughter has helped her in more ways than I initially expected.
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How to Get Your Child to Go to Therapy

If you've decided your child could benefit from therapy, you should approach the subject carefully, and differently depending on your child's age.
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7 Signs Your Family Is Feeling Too Much Stress

Is your whole fam frazzled? Our experts highlight seven ways to determine if your family is overly stressed—and what you can do about it.
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How Much Do You Really Need to Know About Your Kids' Poop?

Quite a lot, as it turns out. Here's what's healthy, and what might mean your kid is constipated. 
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12 Ways Families Can Stay Active After School

Read how these parents keep their kids moving and exercising after school to inspire your own healthy activities.