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When children act like their true selves, they experience increased happiness, improved self-esteem, and better relationships. Here's how to teach authenticity during early childhood. 
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3 Everyday Situations That Seem Like No Big Deal But Can Be Traumatic for Kids
Moving to a new house or having an injury may seem like minor situations, but events like these can still be traumatic for kids if not handled right. These are the things parents can do to step in and help.
How to Get Your Child to Go to Therapy
If you've decided your child could benefit from therapy, you should approach the subject carefully, and differently depending on your child's age.

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The funding for the Children's Health Insurance Program (CHIP), which provides low-cost health insurance for 9 million low- and middle-income children and pregnant women, has lapsed. 
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Kids who focus on one sport too early are more likely to get hurt or quit, according to a new AAP report.