Eye & Vision Problems

From eye infections to pinkeye, lazy eye to styes, learn what to do if your child is experiencing a problem with his vision, what to do about it, and more.

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Pinkeye Symptoms and Treatment
Signs of pinkeye usually include a swollen, red, and watery eye. Learn how to prevent and treat signs of conjunctivitis.
Common Vision Problems: Is The World Blurry for Your Kid?
Vision problems could hinder your child's success in class, but if he can't see clearly, don't rely on him to tell you. Our experts make the most common eye conditions crystal clear.
Vision Problems: What is Congenital Ptosis?
Experts explain what congenital ptosis--or drooping of the upper eyelid--is all about.
Common Kids' Eye Problems
These are the vision problems and eye conditions doctors most frequently see in children.

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Why some kids need an eye patch, and how to get them to actually wear it.