Eye & Vision Problems

From eye infections to pinkeye, lazy eye to styes, learn what to do if your child is experiencing a problem with his vision, what to do about it, and more.

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Here's how to protect your child's eyes in spite of all the extra time we're all spending on our iPhones and computers.
Boy's Severe Headaches Lead to Rare Eye Disease Diagnosis
Baylen's headaches were so debilitating, he often had to miss school. But soon after a routine back-to-school eye exam, Baylen was diagnosed with keratoconus, a rare eye disease that is often underdiagnosed.
4 Myths About Your Kid's Eyes, Debunked
So is it really bad for your kid to sit too close to the TV? Our expert explains what you should believe when it comes to protecting your kid’s eyes.
Safety Check Your Solar Eclipse Plans Here
Here's what you need to know to keep everyone's eyes safe when you take a look at the solar eclipse next week.
First Aid for 5 Common Eye Ouches
Here's how to handle everything from itchy eyes to an eye injury, including what to treat at home and when to go to the hospital.
Why This Store Clerk Is the Everyday Hero Special Needs Families Dream Of
When a grocery store clerk graciously helped her blind, autistic daughter through a meltdown, this mom shared her gratitude in a heartfelt Facebook post.

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Experts explain what congenital ptosis--or drooping of the upper eyelid--is all about.