Ear Infection

An ear infection may start with fluid in the ears before developing into a full-blown infection. Learn to recognize the signs and symptoms of an ear infection, when to go to the doctor, how to treat it, what to do if your child keeps getting ear infections, and more. Plus, we break down the new rules around prescribing antibiotics.

How to Tell If It's an Ear Infection

Learn the symptoms, causes, and treatments for this common childhood ailment.

Causes and Treatments of Ear Infections

What's causing baby's ear pain and how you can help.

Ear Piercing for Kids

Thinking of getting your child's ears pierced? Here are answers to common questions about this rite of passage.

Earache Symptoms and Treatment

Learn what causes earaches and how to alleviate the symptoms.

The New Ear Infection Rules

Forget what you thought you knew about the best treatment. Your pediatrician may not give you the same old advice anymore.

Health 101: Ear Infections

Suspect your kid's got an ear infection? Read this to find out why and what to do.

Ways to Prevent Ear Infections

Listen up! Here's what you need to know to prevent ear infections.

Tips For Ear Infections

Although most young kids get at least one ear infection -- usually during cold and flu season -- there are proven ways that you can protect your child.

Tips to Reduce Ear Infections

Learn how to protect your children from this painful illness.

When to Worry: Ear Infections

Ear infections are very common in babies, but it can be hard to know when your bundle of joy has one. Here are the signs and symptoms for an ear infection in your infant so you can get him help.

Fewer Babies Are Getting Ear Infections--Here's Why

The rate of ear infections in infants is dropping for a suprising reason.

Ear Infection Rates Are Down, and You Can Thank the Pneumococcal Vaccine

Ear infections aren't fun for kids or their parents. And now, researchers believe they know why rates have gone down significantly.

What You Need to Know About Ear Infections

How to intercept ear infections, and what's beyond the bubble-gum cure.

Diagnosis: Ear Infections

Pediatrician Michel Cohen, M.D., offers a behind-the-scenes look at what really happens during his appointments.

Do All Ear Infections Need Antibiotics?

Our medical expert shares why administering antibiotics depends on the age of the child.

Help for Swimmer's Ear

Learn the causes and signs of this common ear infection -- and how to prevent or treat it.

How to Fend Off an Ear Infection

You don't need an armload of antibiotics or a team of pediatricians to protect your child from ear infections. Here, what you can do to help keep them at bay.

Why Antibiotics Aren't Always the Answer to Ear Infections

Before going for antibiotics, wait it out. It could help future cases of ear infections.