Down Syndrome

Down syndrome affects one in every 700 babies today. The genetic condition is caused by an extra chromosome, and it comes with a variety of physical and intellectual characteristics. Children with Down syndrome are also at greater risk for certain health conditions, such as congenital heart disease, eye and vision problems, and thyroid issues. Check out our guide to learn about Down syndrome causes and symptoms, read heartwarming stories from people with Down syndrome, and get tips to help your child’s physical and intellectual development.

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What is Down Syndrome? Causes, Symptoms, and Diagnosis

Down syndrome may not be fully understood, but doctors keep learning more about the chromosomal disorder. Here’s what to know about the causes, symptoms, and diagnosis of Down syndrome in babies and children.

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Doctors understand the chromosomal abnormalities behind Down syndrome, but they still can’t pinpoint exactly why it occurs. Here’s what experts know about a baby’s chances of having Down syndrome.

Signs of Down Syndrome in Babies and Children

Down syndrome often comes with specific physical and intellectual characteristics. Learn more about the symptoms of Down syndrome in babies and children, as well as the health complications that may arise from it.

Down Syndrome Tests During Pregnancy: Everything Parents Need to Know

Some parents opt for prenatal screenings or diagnostic tests to understand their baby’s risk of Down syndrome. Here’s what to know about the different types of Down syndrome tests and their effectiveness.

How I Shared My Child's Down Syndrome Diagnosis and Found My Village

After a mom learns her newborn daughter has Down syndrome, she shares the news with friends and family and discovers a supportive and inspiring village ready to follow along on their family's journey into the world of special needs.

Why I Chose to Have a Child With Down Syndrome

Author and father Chris Kaposy shares why our society needs to have a greater acceptance of children with Down Syndrome in his new book, Choosing Down Syndrome: Ethics and New Prenatal Testing Techniques.​

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