Dealing with Doctors

Is your kid scared of the doctor? Lessen fears with our tips to help your child overcome his fear of doctors, improve your own interaction with your child's pediatrician, and more. We also list the best pediatricians and the best children's hospitals.

Telemedicine In Schools

Telemedicine -- which uses video cameras and digital tools -- lets kids be treated by an M.D. without a trip to the office.

10 Best Children's Hospitals

These pediatric centers -- leaders in Parents' exclusive evaluation -- routinely heal sick children whom local hospitals could no longer help. Find out where to go if the unfathomable ever happens to your family.

10 Best Children's Hospitals for Emergency Care 2013

Short wait times, highly trained staff, and a family-friendly atmosphere earned E.R.s at these children's hospitals the top of Parents' ranking.

Your First Prenatal Visit

Prepare for your first prenatal visit with your ob-gyn.

10 Best Children's Hospitals for Heart Care 2013

Survival rates for tricky heart surgeries, experience in treating heart problems, and a robust research program were among the factors that helped put these hospitals on top.

Fast Facts About Urgent Care

A doctor mom explains how to make sure you don't sacrifice quality care for convenience.

How to Select a Pediatrician

When to start searching, what questions to ask, and what you should look for when finding the best doctor for your baby.

The Best Pediatricians of 2014

These winning M.D.'s enrich their community, help parents stay calm, and always put their young patients first. The seven pediatricians featured here go above and beyond the traditional call of duty.

What E.R. Doctors Wish You Knew

Straight from the nation's emergency rooms, here are physician's top 10 ways to keep your child safe.

12 Secrets of the Pediatrician's Office

You probably have plenty of questions for your baby's pediatrician, but there might be a few you're afraid to ask. Lucky for you, we talked to doctors, nurses, and office managers to find out must-know secrets of the pediatrician's office.

10 Tips to Survive Your Child's Hospital Stay

This essential guide (that we hope you'll never need) to getting through your kid's stay in the hospital comes straight from a mom whose daughter lived in the hospital for 123 days.

7 Tips to Help Kids Overcome Fear of Doctors

Is your child afraid of going to the doctor? We have the ways you can help toddlers deal with visits to the pediatrician.

Baby Care Basics: Choosing the Right Doctor

Choosing a doctor for your little one can be an overwhelming process. Use this guide to make the right decision for your family.

Baby Care Basics: Surprising Reasons to Call the Doctor

Watch out for these symptoms in your baby. Even though they might seem harmless, you should call your doctor right away.

Why Your Pediatrician Might Ask About Your Paycheck

If the doctor asks to see your paycheck at your kid's next well visit, it's probably because of these new guidelines from the AAP.

10 Best Children's Hospitals for Cancer Care 2013

With high survival rates, innovative research studies, and family-friendly care, these facilities do an incredible job treating young cancer patients.

Pain-Relief Secrets for Kids

Whether your child is getting a shot or having surgery, there are ways to protect her from unnecessary pain that your doctor may never mention them.

Q&A: What Questions Should I Ask My Doctor?

Getting ready for that first prenatal appointment is so exciting! Here's what you should be sure to discuss with your healthcare provider.

8 New Facts About ADHD

Determining whether or not kids have ADHD is harder than you think. We set the record straight about diagnosis, drug dangers, and more.

10 Best Children's Hospitals for Orthopedic Care 2013

The availability of pediatric specialists, experience in doing scoliosis surgeries, and extensive sports-medicine programs helped to drive the orthopedic departments at these children's hospitals to the top of Parents' list.

10 Best Children's Hospitals for Preemie Care 2013

Survival rates for infants born early or with a birth defect, a program to track the developmental progress of patients after discharge, and a family-friendly environment were among the factors that Parents considered when ranking the neonatal intensive care units (NICU) of children's hospitals.

When to Get a Second Medical Opinion

Questioning the doctor makes most parents nervous--but sometimes your child's health depends on it.

6 Tips for Communicating with Your Pediatrician

Build a harmonious relationship with your child's doctor.

7 Kids' Symptoms You Should Never Ignore

Parents, here's your guide for which symptoms require immediate medical attention--and what the symptoms might mean.