Dealing with Doctors

Is your kid scared of the doctor? Lessen fears with our tips to help your child overcome his fear of doctors, improve your own interaction with your child's pediatrician, and more. We also list the best pediatricians and the best children's hospitals.

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Why I Love My Pediatrician

Six families share the heartwarming reasons they’re especially grateful to have their child’s doctor in their life.

Endometriosis Attacked My Body After I Donated My Eggs

Less than a year after my donations, I was diagnosed with Stage IV endometriosis. I was young, single, and still dreaming of motherhood at the time.

How to Make the Most of Virtual Doctor's Appointments

Can a video chat with your pediatrician be as helpful as an in-person visit? Consider this your guide to telemedicine.

Here's How Doctors Are Supporting Your Transgender Child

Based on medical research, these American Academy of Pediatrics guidelines aim to support transgender and gender diverse (TGD) children and teens.

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