Dealing with Doctors

Is your kid scared of the doctor? Lessen fears with our tips to help your child overcome his fear of doctors, improve your own interaction with your child's pediatrician, and more. We also list the best pediatricians and the best children's hospitals.

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These Sisters Are Doctors, HBCU Grads, and Encouraging Medical Literacy
Patients don't always have providers who make sure they understand crucial information during medical visits. Sisters Dr. Elita Wyckoff-Jones, M.D. and Dr. Shamolie Wyckoff, M.D. wrote a guide so all patients get the clarification they deserve.
Why I Love My Pediatrician
Six families share the heartwarming reasons they’re especially grateful to have their child’s doctor in their life.
5 Common Growth-Related Tests Your Child May Not Need
The American Academy of Pediatrics has released a report concerning the overtesting of kids who are suspected of having growth issues.
Jimmy Kimmel's Viral Video Blasts Republican Healthcare Bill
Jimmy Kimmel rips the Senate for the Graham-Cassidy Bill, saying it fails to provide healthcare for all or protect people with pre-existing conditions.
Medical Tests for Children: Which Ones Are Really Necessary (and When)
Thousands of children are subjected to unnecessary scans and screenings every year. Find out when six of the big ones are truly warranted.
The Senate Just Released an Updated Healthcare Bill: Here's What Parents Need to Know About It
Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell unveiled the latest iteration of the Better Care Reconciliation Act—but will the changes improve healthcare for families?

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9 Things This Pediatrician Wishes You'd Stop Doing—Now
From Googling symptoms to requesting antibiotics, one pediatrician tells us the truth about the things doctors wish parents would stop doing.
10 Tips to Survive Your Child's Hospital Stay
This essential guide (that we hope you'll never need) to getting through your kid's stay in the hospital comes straight from a mom whose daughter lived in the hospital for 123 days.