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Teaching your children to brush and floss regularly will help protect their teeth from cavities and gum disease. Find ways to get them excited about brushing, tips to help kids overcome fear of the dentist, information about braces, and more.

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6 Ways to Save on Dental Care
Those yearly dental checkups and procedures are essential—but they can be expensive. Here are budget-savvy ways to cut down on dental costs while keeping your teeth healthy and your wallet happy.
Yes, You Should Go to the Dentist During the COVID Pandemic and Same Goes for Your Kids
Many families are skipping out on their dentist appointments during the pandemic. But experts say kids shouldn't miss getting their teeth checked. Here's why.
I'm a Dad and a Dentist: Here Are 8 Ways I Protect My Kid's Teeth
My 8-year-old doesn't have cavities or crooked teeth and that's not by chance. Here's my oral health guide for parents with kids of all ages.
FDA Says Teething Gels Pose a 'Serious Risk' to Babies
The Food and Drug Administration is warning parents that teething gels made with benzocaine are not safe for little ones. They are asking that these products be taken off the market.
Thumb Sucking: How My Son Kicked the Habit
Frequent and chronic sucking on thumbs, fingers, or pacifiers can cause traumatic changes to a child's bite. Here's what helped one mom's big kid stop thumb-sucking.

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To Help Kids Avoid Cavities? Dial Down Your Stress, Mom

While it's common knowledge that stress is unhealthy, a new study finds a surprising link between moms' stress and kids' dental health.