How serious is your kid's cough? Learn how to identify the symptoms of chronic coughs, whooping cough, and more so you can provide the best treatment.

How Bad Is That Cough? 7 Bad Coughs to Worry About

Isn't it amazing how many tissues and bowls of soup your family can go through in one season? Don't assume, though, that your child's cough is simply a cold it might be something more serious. Here's when to worry and what to do.

How to Decode Your Baby's Cough

What does that wheezing, hacking, or barking mean?

Why Whooping Cough Is Making a Comeback

Our medical expert shares the important facts and signs of whooping cough.

Cough Symptoms and Treatment

Identify different types of coughs (wet, dry, croup, and whooping cough) and how to give soothing treatment.

Croup Symptoms and Treatment

Inflammation of the vocal cords and windpipe are signs of croup. Find out what causes croup to give proper treatment.

The Never-Ending Chronic Cough

Could it be from a cold? Asthma? Or something else altogether? Our experts help you finally figure out what's going on.

Is Putting Vick's VapoRub On Your Kids' Feet a Safe, Effective Cough Cure?

Is rubbing Vick's VapoRub on the bottom of your child's feet to stop a cough a safe (clever!) DIY cure? An expert weighs in.

The Cough That Won't Go Away

Pertussis, or whooping cough, can drag on for weeks -- even months -- before it's detected and is notoriously hard to treat.

Bronchiolitis Symptoms and Treatment

Bronchiolitis is caused when a virus infects small tubes in the lungs. Learn how to spot the symptoms of bronchiolitis, which are similar to those of common colds, to prevent and treat it.


The video shows a child with bronchiolitis (RS-virus). We can see typical signs of breathing difficulties such as rapid breathing and retractions. This is an important educational video which we recommend to parents.