Coronavirus and COVID-19

The novel coronavirus—and the disease it causes, COVID-19—is a worldwide pandemic. Learn how the coronavirus affects infants, children, pregnant women, and breastfeeding mothers. Also let our experts teach you how to protect your family from the respiratory illness, and stay informed on the latest COVID-19 news. 

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Will the COVID-19 Vaccine Be Mandatory for Kids?

With a COVID-19 vaccine likely on the horizon, many parents are wondering if it will be mandated by the government, schools, or employers. Here’s what you need to know.

All Pandemic-Fatigued Parents Really Want for Christmas 2020 Is a Break

Parents on Reddit shared the many ways their holiday season could get better with the creative "gift" of a break from chores, distance learning, and caretaking.

How to Tell Your Family You're Not Celebrating the Holidays Together This Year

A step-by-step guide on politely declining holiday gathering invitations and hosting responsibilities during the COVID-19 pandemic—and feeling OK doing it.

I’m a Mom and a Designer: Here’s How to Pick a Face Mask Your Kids Will Want to Wear

As a mom of two young boys, it was challenging to get my sons to want to wear a mask. Here are some creative tactics I've used to encourage my kids to want to wear one.

When Will Families Be Able to Get the COVID-19 Vaccine? Here's What Experts Say

Experts hope a COVID-19 vaccine will be available soon—but not every member of your family will be first to get it. Learn more about the projected timeline for receiving a coronavirus vaccination.

The COVID-19 Vaccine and Kids: Everything Parents Need to Know

Clinical trials for COVID-19 vaccine candidates are underway, but most of them don't include children. When will a coronavirus be available for kids, and should your child get one? We spoke with experts to learn more.

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Kids May Have Antibodies Even if They've Never Had COVID-19

New research shows some children have antibodies from other coronaviruses that may offer protection from COVID-19. Experts break down the science.

6 Virtual Thanksgiving Ideas for a Fun, Worry-Free Holiday

Looking to make Thanksgiving 2020 with the family safe, socially distant, and enjoyable during COVID-19? We got you.

What You Need to Know About Parents' Legal Rights Under COVID-19

The current crisis has brought with it unprecedented expansions of federal parental and caretaker leave policies. You may be eligible for paid or unpaid leave to help your family through this time.