Coronavirus and COVID-19

The novel coronavirus—and the disease it causes, COVID-19—is a worldwide pandemic. Learn how the coronavirus affects infants, children, pregnant women, and breastfeeding mothers. Also let our experts teach you how to protect your family from the respiratory illness, and stay informed on the latest COVID-19 news. 

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Your Top Questions About the COVID-19 Vaccine for Kids Ages 5 to 11, Answered by a White House Doctor
Where can my kids get vaccinated? What are the possible side effects? Will they need a booster shot? We spoke with Marcella Nunez-Smith, M.D., a co-chair of President Biden's COVID-19 Health Equity Task Force, to answer these questions and more.
Youth Sports & COVID-19: The Want, the Will, and the Hope to Play
Youth athletics are essential for the physical, emotional, and social well-being of our children. They can continue safely, even during a pandemic, and it's up to parents, coaches, and educators to make that possible. We pay tribute to one high school that has worked diligently to maintain its sports programs, in spite of shut-downs and quarantines, and share resources and tips to model their determination in your own community.
White House Unveils Plans to Distribute COVID-19 Vaccine to Children Ages 5-11
The Biden Administration's plans will begin immediately after the FDA and CDC authorize the COVID-19 vaccine for kids ages 5-11 years old, which could happen in a matter of weeks.
A Parent's Guide to At-Home COVID Tests
From antigen tests to self-collection kits, at-home COVID tests can be a powerful tool for parents. Here's how to use them and whether you can trust the results.
Parents of Immunocompromised Students Are Forced to Rely on Others to Keep Their Kids Safe And That's Not Fair
With a third school year during the pandemic, families across the country are feeling the stress of having their kids back in school buildings. But for those with immunocompromised children, the stress is often far greater.

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Everything Pediatricians Want You to Know About About Getting Your Child the COVID Vaccine
Research shows that even vaccinated parents have questions about the COVID vaccine for their kids. Here, pediatricians share everything you need to know to make the safe decision to get your kids the shot.
Silver Linings: Positive Effects of the COVID-19 Pandemic on Children
Sure, there's plenty of bad news these days. But experts say the pandemic has brought with it some silver linings, especially for kids and families.

Sending My Kids Back to School Without a Mask Mandate is Giving Me Anxiety

I live in Florida, a state with no mask mandate, and sending my four kids back to school is keeping me up at night.