How the Flu Spreads

Avoid getting others sick with these expert tips. Video courtesy of Le Bonheur Children's Hospital.


So, if you get the flu, flu is spread two ways. One is by little droplets that can get in your hand and they can be passed on to other surfaces and you can pick them up from objects or from other people's hands. The second way is it can be passed through the air. So, if you sneeze or cough, you are sneezing out hundreds of millions of little flu particles that then can get on to an object or get on to another person and caused them to get sick. So, there's a couple of things you wanna do when you have the flu. The first is you wanna make sure when you are coughing, cover your cough, cough in through your sleep. Make sure that you're not spreading this into the air and don't cough into your hands because in your hands you're gonna touch other things and perhaps get other people sick.

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