Flu (short for influenza) is a serious illness for kids that is preventable with an annual flu vaccine. Learn how to identify symptoms and administer treatment.

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My Child Has the Flu—Now What?

Sometimes there’s no escaping it—even if you all got the shot. Arm yourself with this advice from doctors and experts.
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Doctors Urge Families to Get Their Flu Shots as the Season Begins Earlier Than Usual

The holiday season also happens to be peak flu season, which is why doctors say you need your shot now. Here's the official scoop on just how long the flu shot lasts, and where to get vaccinated this season.
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How to Prevent the Flu

These natural and effective flu prevention techniques can help your child avoid the highly contagious illness.
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Video of Baby Breathing Is a Must-Watch Ahead of Flu Season

A viral video illustrates a baby girl named Luna's labored breathing, which was the result of a lung infection that can be caused by the flu. O'Brien is encouraging parents to be aware of this important sign that it may be time to get your L.O. to the hospital.
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Flu Symptoms in Children

Think your child is coming down with the flu? Check out the common flu symptoms in kids, then learn about the available treatment options.
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Pediatricians Encourage Parents to Get Their Kids the 2018 Flu Shot ASAP

A new policy statement from the American Academy of Pediatrics recommends that all children get the 2018 flu shot as soon as it becomes available this season, preferably before the end of October.
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Rotavirus and Stomach Flu: Everything You Need to Know

Grab your barf bucket, steel your nerves, and let our guidelines help you through rotavirus or the stomach flu.
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Why This Flu Season is Particularly Dangerous to Children

So far, 125 children have died during the 2019-2020 flu season. Here’s why that number is unusually high—and how to protect your own family.
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Are We Headed for Another Round of the Flu?

We've already had a devastating flu season. Here's what to expect from the second wave that may be on its way.