Did your child catch a cold? Learn to recognize the symptoms of a common cold and provide the necessary treatments and natural cold remedies for relief.

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Is It Allergies or a Cold? Here's How to Tell the Difference
Allergies and colds can present with similar symptoms in kids, ranging from runny nose and sneezing to cough and sore throat. Here, we spoke with an expert to learn the key differences that could help you make a diagnosis.
The Flu vs. COVID-19: How to Navigate the Differences and Stay Healthy This Season
This cold and flu season is complicated by the coronavirus pandemic but we can help you go forth armed with knowledge. Here, experts answer your biggest questions around navigating symptoms in the time of COVID-19.
Is It RSV or a Cold? An Age-By-Age Symptom Guide
When the sniffles and coughing begin, how can you tell if it's RSV? Experts break down the most common RSV symptoms in kids, toddlers, babies, and even adults so you can keep your family safe.
I'm a Dad and a Pediatrician: Here's When I Worry About a Cold
You don’t want your coughing, sniffling kid to suffer unnecessarily when antibiotics might clear things up, but you’d also rather avoid going to the doctor if they can't help. As a pediatrician and father of five, I can help you figure this out.
Parents Are Asking People Not to Touch Their Newborns—Especially During Flu Season
Parents are using "No Touching" signs to remind people that little ones' immune systems make them more susceptible to germs.

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Spoiler Alert: Sick Season Sucks for Parents
Cold and flu season is no laughing matter—but parents can use some comic relief when they're home with sick kids. After force-feeding every one vitamin C, here's what you really need to do to prep for the season of sickness. 
When to Call the Doctor When Your Kid Has a Cold
Sniffling and sneezing are one thing. A fever and mouth sores are something totally different. These four symptoms mean it's time to call the doctor when your kid is sick.

Now There's Proof! Staying Warm Lowers Your Chances of Catching a Cold

Science finally backs up what moms have been telling their kids all along.