How to Treat Chigger Bites

Learn how to care for chigger bites and prevent a secondary infection. Video courtesy of Le Bonheur Children's Hospital.


You know, we get a lot of questions about how to take care of chigger bites this time of year. The most effective way to kind of take care of that is simply symptomatic care. And what we mean by that is you wanna try and relieve the itching that children have with that, so they don't develop secondary infections, which can be concerning and can also be dangerous for them. So, what we recommend is, obviously, soap and water to get those cleaned off and then you can use either topical preparations like Benadryl-- topical Benadryl or maybe calamine lotion or you can use oral types of things like oral Benadryl to prevent that itching in and cool compresses can also help especially when you've gotten a lot of chigger bites. If you have any questions about what is going on with your child or you think that their condition is more serious than a simple chigger bite, please contact your pediatrician.

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