Watch: How To Remove a Tick

Follow these steps to take a tick off your child's body.


[MUSIC] So you and the kids took a stroll in the woods, and now one of you has an unwelcome hitchhiker onboard, a tick. Okay, don't panic. Though ticks can be dangerous, since they can spread Lyme disease and other diseases, they're easy enough to remove, and this The sooner the better. There's only one safe way to get rid of a tick quick, and that's with clean, fine tipped tweezers. With the tweezers, grab the tick as close to the skin as possible then pull straight upward with steady, even pressure. Don't twist or jerk as you pull, or the tick might break apart. If the mouth parts or head of the tick do get stuck, don't dig around trying to remove them as it might cause a skin infection. Wallah, that's it, really! [MUSIC] Once the tick is out clean both the bite area and your hands. Seal up the tick in a plastic pad [UNKNOWN] And then keep it in a safe spot. If a rash or fever shows up in the next few weeks Bring the little bugger in with you to the doctor. For more information go to CDC dot gov slash ticks.

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