Newborns leaving Praram 9 hospital in Bangkok are sporting miniature face shields for their journey home by taxi or public transportation to keep them safe during the pandemic.

By Libby Ryan
April 13, 2020

From DIY cloth face coverings to medical-grade masks, families and health care workers around the world are all donning protective gear to prevent the spread of novel coronavirus. Now even newborns are getting special gear to keep them from coming into contact with COVID-19.

Tiny little mouths, faces, and lungs mean smaller airways, so doctors warn that babies should not wear face masks. But Bangkok's Praram 9 hospital came up with a clever solution: They are putting miniature face shields on some of their newborn babies born during the coronavirus crisis, in order to protect them from potential coughs or sneezes during their journey from the hospital to their homes.

side profile of baby with face shield in thailand hospital
close up of baby with face shield in thailand hospital

The shields aren't meant for home use, but for Thai families taking their new babies home via taxis or public transit, the shields could prevent dangerous droplets of coronavirus from reaching their little faces.

nurses holding babies with face shields in thailand hospital

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention recommends all family members older than age 2 wear a face mask in public in order to prevent the spread of the virus. You can make an easy version of the mask at home with just a cotton t-shirt.

And since we all know not touching our faces is mission-critical during these times, the babies are snuggly swaddled for no risk of hand contamination—if only there was such a cozy version of this method for big kids (and adults too)!

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September 20, 2020
It is very worrying to see a parenting site describe this as "cute". Covering babies' faces goes against public health evidence that even a toy hanging above a baby in a cot is connected to higher rates of sudden infant death. The tiny respiratory systems of newborns are too immature to cope well with re-breathing their expired carbon dioxide, and they need as much open space around their face as possible as a protection. This is not cute and certainly does nothing to protect them from Covid, which they are at almost no risk of disease from anyway. These shields over newborn faces are far from "cute".