Autism Symptoms & Diagnoses

Spot the signs of autism (symptoms can include lack of affection and inability to say words) and make sure to talk to your child's pediatrician for a proper diagnosis.

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We May Be Able to Diagnose Autism Before Age 1

Researchers say a new test may be able to predict an autism diagnosis before a child's first birthday.

Early Autism Diagnosis: What Parents Need to Know

Science is getting closer to diagnosing autism in infancy, but in the meantime, here's what to look out for.

Autism Facts for Parents

Causes, symptoms, and treatments of autism in children.

A Hearing Test Could Help Detect Autism at Birth

A new study finds an in-depth hearing test could help doctors and parents know right away if a child is at greater risk for autism.

U.S. Parents Rate Their Kids' Autism Symptoms More Severely Than Other Countries

Culture may play a role in the degree to which certain ASD behaviors are perceived as problematic, says a new study that includes multiple countries.

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Pregnancy Timing and Autism Risk: One Mom's Thoughts on a New Study

Sometimes I come across a study on autism—like this one—that doesn't seem to add much to the conversation and seems only to cause more confusion or fear.