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Raising a child with autism has many daily challenges. Read stories from real moms and dads about parenting children with autism.

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I Haven't Told My Closest Friends About My Son's Autism Diagnosis, Here's Why

How could I say, "Yes, I'm well-versed in the IEP process," without it derailing what was meant to be a carefree evening? Would I be able to adequately explain that although we'd been friends for almost a half-dozen years, I'd never told her my son has autism?

I Learned to Forgive Myself For Not Realizing My Son Has Autism

For years, I was sure it was my fault. As a teacher for children with special needs, I should have realized my son had autism. But I finally let go of my guilt.

This Film About an All-Autistic Swim Team Is Worth Diving Into

Mark your calendars and be sure to watch this excellent documentary about a swim team whose members are all on the autism spectrum.

How a Playground High-Five Changed My Outlook on My Son's Autism

This mom-of-two, including a nonverbal 4-year-old with autism, recounts how taking her sons to the playground makes her realize just how blessed she really is.

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All the Feels: See This Mom's Heartwarming Post about Her Son's New Autism Service Dog

We love this post about how the long-awaited arrival of a service dog filled a mom with hope for her son's future.