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Raising a child with autism has many daily challenges. Read stories from real moms and dads about parenting children with autism.

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I Haven't Told My Closest Friends About My Son's Autism Diagnosis, Here's Why

How could I say, "Yes, I'm well-versed in the IEP process," without it derailing what was meant to be a carefree evening? Would I be able to adequately explain that although we'd been friends for almost a half-dozen years, I'd never told her my son has autism?

I Learned to Forgive Myself For Not Realizing My Son Has Autism

For years, I was sure it was my fault. As a teacher for children with special needs, I should have realized my son had autism. But I finally let go of my guilt.

This Film About an All-Autistic Swim Team Is Worth Diving Into

Mark your calendars and be sure to watch this excellent documentary about a swim team whose members are all on the autism spectrum.

How a Playground High-Five Changed My Outlook on My Son's Autism

This mom-of-two, including a nonverbal 4-year-old with autism, recounts how taking her sons to the playground makes her realize just how blessed she really is.

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A Day in the Life: Raising a Child with Autism

One mother offers an intimate and personal look into her day-to-day life of raising a son with autism.

Should We Say 'with Autism' or 'Autistic'? Here's Why It Matters

One mom wrestles to understand which term better serves individuals on the spectrum, including her son.

You Have to See the Sweet Bond Between This Boy With Autism and His Deaf Dog

Six-year-old Connor, who is non-verbal, and Ellie the boxer, who is deaf and responds to sign language, are a match made in heaven.