Parenting Autism Stories

Raising a child with autism has many daily challenges. Read stories from real moms and dads about parenting children with autism.

A Day in the Life: Raising a Child with Autism

One mother offers an intimate and personal look into her day-to-day life of raising a son with autism.

Is ABA Therapy the Best Choice for Kids with Autism?

The mom of an autistic son wrestles with the debate about ABA therapy for kids on the spectrum, and asks an autistic adult for input.

We Cured Our Son's Autism

When the doctors said our son would be severely disabled for life, we set out to prove them wrong.

What It's Really Like To Raise a Child with Autism

My son is 8 and big for his age, but he acts like a toddler -- tantrums and all.

This Hairdresser's Kindness Toward a Boy with Autism Is Winning the Internet

A hairdresser's act of kindness highlights why it's important to meet kids with autism on their level.

Why Kids with Autism Stim--Helpful Advice from an Autistic Adult

Stimming behavior can seem mysterious, but it's easier to understand when explained by an adult who has autism.

Stop Calling Kids with Autism "High" or "Low" Functioning

Labeling kids as "high" or "low" functioning is harmful--here's why.

What Autism Looks Like: Amazing Kids on the Autism Spectrum

Raising children with autism is a challenging but incredible journey. And those along the spectrum are diverse in many ways -- including whether they're verbal or noverbal. Here, parents raising kids with autism share personal photos and descriptions of their kids to show what makes them truly beautiful and amazing.

Children with Autism: The Parents Perspective

Parents talk about the struggles and triumphs of raising children with Autism. Families work every day to overcome challenges such as communication problems, sensory issues, temper tantrums, and societys pressure on Autism children. Video courtesy of

Autism: "Don't Ignore My Son!"

Bill Davis and his wife have had to fight every step of the way to get their autistic son, Chris, the help he needs -- and they won't take no for an answer. Meet this determined family, then get our exclusive guide to top resources on autism.

Bravo! Toys "R" Us Stores Offering Quiet Shopping Hours for Kids with Autism

Toys "R" Us stores in the UK are offering a "quiet hour" for shoppers with autism this holiday, and we'd love if U.S. retailers did the same!

Understanding Autism: Developing Social Skills

Children with autism typically have problems developing a social skill set and friendships and often enjoy isolation. One ABA Behavioral-based social skills group uses positive reinforcements and corrective feedback to help young kids develop necessary "learning to learn"y behaviors that will impact their futures. Video courtesy of

Should We Say 'with Autism' or 'Autistic?' Here's Why It Matters

One mom wrestles to understand which term better serves individuals on the spectrum, including her son.

What Is It Like to Have a Grown Child with Autism?

As a society, what are we doing to ensure that children diagnosed today will grow up to have a satisfying life? That's what one mom of a little boy with autism wants to know.

You Have to See the Sweet Bond Between This Boy With Autism and His Deaf Dog

Six-year-old Connor, who is non-verbal, and Ellie the boxer, who is deaf and responds to sign language, are a match made in heaven.

What Autism Acceptance Looks Like: 21 Autistic Kids From Around the World

April is Autism Awareness Month, now more commonly being called Autism Acceptance Month, when those with the disorder and their families and friends promote inclusion and work to change the dialogue from one of fear and pity to that of support and empowerment. Here are the stories of 21 autistic kids from around the world who might shift your perspective.

My Son Has Autism--Here's Why I Hope

I want a narrative of hope to prevail in my son's life, and in all conversations about autism. Here's why--and how--I keep hoping, even in dark times.

All the Feels: See This Mom's Heartwarming Post about Her Son's New Autism Service Dog

We love this post about how the long-awaited arrival of a service dog filled a mom with hope for her son's future.

The Dad of This Girl With Autism Can't Believe What Police Did After Her Public Meltdown

Two police officers surprised a dad and his autistic daughter with this act of kindness.

This 6-Year-Old's Letter Defending Her Brother With Autism Is Winning the Internet

This 6-year-old could teach all of us a thing or two about compassion and understanding.

This 8-Year-Old Boy With Autism Will Blow Your Mind With His "Thriller" Dance

Um, yeah. We'd say this young man nailed Michael Jackson's dance.

Treating an Autistic Person Like a Person Doesn't Make You a Hero, It Makes You Human

My son shouldn't be an object upon whom others can perform so-called "good deeds."

How a Playground High-Five Changed My Outlook on My Son's Autism

This mom-of-two, including a nonverbal 4-year-old with autism, recounts how taking her sons to the playground makes her realize just how blessed she really is.

The Way Other Kids Treated This Girl With Autism Made Her Mom Speak Out--In a Good Way!

Despite the stories of misunderstanding and hate we often hear, we shouldn't forget there's also a lot of kindness in the world, too.

Kids with Special Needs Have Tough Days--Here's How You Can Help

Two moms who have been there offer tips on how you can help if you see a child with autism or other special needs having a hard time in public.