If your child suffers from asthma, learn the asthma signs, symptoms, and treatments for the best action plan.

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Asthma Treatment Tips and Home Remedies

Mom and pediatrician Ann Chen Wu, M.D. shares her top tips for keeping young kids with asthma safe, healthy, and comfortable.

5 Signs of Asthma in Kids

Asthma is the most common chronic illness of childhood, but recognizing this breathing problem isn’t always intuitive.

Reducing Home Allergens May Replace Asthma Meds, Which Many Kids Are Misusing

Two new studies look at the causes of asthma, and how to reduce the need for medication, which many kids may be misusing anyway!

Guess What? Air Pollution Is Still Bad for Kids' Lungs

A new study finds even lower air pollution emissions still have significant effects on kids' lungs.

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Asthma Symptoms and Treatment

Difficulty breathing and a dry cough are signs of asthma. Learn ways to prevent asthma and get treatment for it.