Allergy Prevention & Treatment

Prevent allergies before they start with strategies to treat allergic reactions and eliminate the sneezing.

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Allergy Testing for Kids: A Parent's Guide
If your child suffers from allergy symptoms, your doctor may order blood or skin tests to make a diagnosis. Here's what parents should know about the types of allergy tests available today.
Half of Kids Who Have Allergic Reactions Don't Get Epinephrine Before Visiting ER
A new study has found that more than half of kids who need epinephrine following an allergic reaction don't get it. Here's what parents should know.
10 Home Remedies for Seasonal Allergies
Is your child suffering from a runny nose, sneezing, and itchy eyes? Help them feel better with these natural allergy remedies you can try at home.
4 Allergy-Friendly Pets
Choosing the right pet can be a challenge when little ones (or parents!) have allergies. Find out which animals are a fit for your family.

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Could saving your kids from a peanut allergy really be as easy as introducing them to peanut butter earlier?
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Epinephrine can help treat severe anaphylactic reactions in children and adults. Learn when to administer an epinephrine shot and how to do it safely.