Facts About Food Allergies: Online Resource Guide

Here are Websites that offer in-depth info on food allergies in children. These sites have been carefully evaluated for Parents.com by a team of professors and students at Tufts University in Medford, Mass.

Listed below are great places on the Internet to learn more about food allergies and caring for children who have them. The academic team at the Tufts University Child & Family WebGuide recommends these sites based on the organizations sponsoring them, their authors, and the highly credible research-based information they present on the topic of food allergies.

The Food Allergy and Anaphylaxis Network

This comprehensive site offers a variety of helpful resources for parents. You can read about the most common food allergens such as peanuts, milk, eggs or wheat, or read an in-depth article about anaphylaxis . Research summaries of recent studies and their findings, and frequently asked questions are also available. Parents of children with allergies will be especially interested in the regularly updated alerts, which give detailed information about products which may contain common allergens--you can sign up for an email list to receive alerts automatically. A special recipes section offers a monthly featured recipe and a recipe for egg and milk-free birthday cake.

The American Academy of Family Physicians

For a quick list that dispels nine common food allergy myths, read "Food Allergies: Just the Facts." If you are interested in more in-depth articles written for a professional audience, try "Milk, Eggs and Peanuts: Food Allergies in Children" to learn about diagnosis and management of children's food allergies or "Manifestations of Food Allergy: Evaluation and Management" to read about allergic symptoms, diagnosis and treatment.

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