Food Allergies: Helping Your Child Cope

Here is how you can help your child cope with food allergies.


If you have a child with a food allergy, you know it's hard to find good tasting safe snacks and to ensure your child steers clear of foods that can trigger reactions. Now that kids are back in class and routines, here are a few strategies to consider from 0the American Academy of Pediatrics. Once you find a product you really like, reread the label each time you buy it. Ingredients could change. If you don't recognize an ingredient on the label, call the manufacturer and ask what it is. Be careful about cross-contact from preparing snacks at home. Allergens can spread from a cutting board or knife. Make sure to properly wash mixing spoons, measuring cups, and heating surfaces. And finally, always pack and carry safe foods from home and make sure your school enforces a 'no-sharing' policy at snack and lunchtime. Here's to a healthy start to the school year.

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