Food Allergies

Hives or rashes that develop after eating is one indication your child has a food allergy. Learn how to spot food allergy symptoms to give treatment.

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I Have Food Allergies and My Baby Does Not—Trying to Feed Her Can Be Toxic For Me
A slobbery kiss can give me hives and if our meals touch I have to grab an EpiPen, and I'm not the only parent struggling. A doctor shares how parents with severe food allergies like me can get through snack time and post-dinner snuggles without an allergy attack.
What Your Baby’s Poop May Be Telling You About Milk Allergies
Loose, mucous-y, or blood-tinged stool could indicate a cow’s milk protein allergy in babies. Here’s how to spot the symptoms.
How the Pandemic Made People More Understanding of My Child's Food Allergies
The pandemic has had a silver lining for my family: More people can now appreciate what it's like to live every day in emergency-preparedness mode.
Allergy Testing for Kids: A Parent's Guide
If your child suffers from allergy symptoms, your doctor may order blood or skin tests to make a diagnosis. Here's what parents should know about the types of allergy tests available today.
FDA Food Labeling Changes During COVID-19: Here's What Parents Need to Know
The FDA is relaxing some food labeling requirements in light of the pandemic. But these changes could be risky for those with food allergies. Here's how to keep your kids safe.

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All About Food Allergies in Babies
An upset tummy, a rash, or difficulty breathing are common signs of food allergies in babies. Learn what to do if you suspect this common phenomenon.
Plant-Based Foods Can Be a Risk for Kids With Allergies
Meatless burgers and non-dairy milk are good options for families following a plant-based diet—but they may also be surprising sources of allergens for certain kids. Here's what you need to know.
Should We Be Giving Infants Peanut Butter to Prevent Food Allergies?

Could saving your kids from a peanut allergy really be as easy as introducing them to peanut butter earlier?