Food Allergies

Hives or rashes that develop after eating is one indication your child has a food allergy. Learn how to spot food allergy symptoms to give treatment.

Another Reason to Quit: Secondhand Smoke Linked to Food Allergies in Kids

A new study links exposure to secondhand smoke early in life with food allergies.

When to Worry: Food Allergies

It can be hard to notice food-allergy symptoms in babies. Here's how to tell if your newborn could be suffering from one.

The Best Snacks for Kids With Food Allergies

We put gluten-free, nut-free, and dairy-free treats and products to the test. Here, our favorite picks for kids with food allergies.

Parents Magazine's Best Allergy-Friendly Packaged Foods

We asked families to taste-test more than 100 new products that contain no nuts, eggs, dairy, or wheat. Even kids without food allergies loved our winners!

How Real Families Deal with Food Allergies

Imagine the stress of raising a kid who can go into shock--or worse--simply by eating the wrong thing. Two parents share lessons from the trenches.

Baby Care Basics: Allergies

Did you know that babies as young as six months old can have environmental allergies? See if your child may be suffering from them.

Best Brands for Kids With Food Sensitivities

Banish mealtime blues with favorite products for children sensitive to gluten and lactose.

Going Gluten-Free

Many parents of children with autism--and a growing number of others--say that banning bread and pasta changed their lives. Could it help your family?

Recall Alert: Lunchables Ham and American Cracker Stackers

Kraft Heinz has recalled the cracker sandwich Lunchables due to a missing allergy warning label.

New Guidelines to Help Prevent Food Allergy in Children

Keep these in mind when you're ready to start your baby on solids

This Dad Is Helping His Daughter Deal With Food Allergies in a Seriously Creative Way

The British father-of-two makes amazing art out of plain white toast!

The New Rules for Food Allergies

Nut-free schools. Treatless birthday bashes. Restaurant menus with asterisks. As food-allergy rates have soared, the way we feed all kids looks a lot different than it did even a few years ago.

Tree Nut Allergies Are Diagnosed Far Too Often, New Study Says

A new study found 50 percent of those who thought they were allergic to all nuts based on a postive blood or skin prick test were actually able to pass an oral test.

This Family Just Lost Their Son to Food Allergies: Here's Their Important Message

There is something the parents of an 11-year-old boy who died from an allergic reaction to nuts urgently wants other families to know.

Is a Cure for Peanut Allergies in Sight?

New research shows there may be a way to prevent peanut allergies, for kids at high risk of developing an allergy or those already diagnosed.

Living With Food Allergies

Breakthroughs in research have the potential to radically alter life for children who can't eat certain foods. Until then, this is what doctors and fellow parents want you to understand.

Q & A on Children's Allergies

From food to pets, there's plenty in your child's world that can cause a reaction.

AAP Issues Much-Needed Universal Written Allergy Action Plan

A new two-page comprehensive action plan should be provided to all caregivers of children with severe allergies, says new AAP report.

Fact or Fiction? 10 Things You Need to Know About Starting Solids

There are a lot of myths around transitioning babies to solid food. Pediatrician parents and the authors of The Pediatrician's Guide to Feeding Babies and Toddlers separate fact from fiction.

Taking Food Allergies Personally

For a pediatrician, nut allergies are fairly routine--until it's her own child who's diagnosed.

How & When to Use an EpiPen

Food allergies are increasingly common in young kids. Here's what you need to know to be prepared to use an EpiPen in case of a severe allergic reaction.

Food Allergies: Helping Your Child Cope

Here is how you can help your child cope with food allergies.

Stretch Marks

Dr. Elizabeth Pryor answers the question, Can pregnancy stretch marks be prevented or treated?

10 Ways to Manage Your Child's Food Allergies

When parents talk about managing their child's food allergies, they don't usually use the word "easy". Once a test reveals the potential for anaphylactic reaction to food that's harmless to most other kids, moms and dads move about life with a constant underlying anxiety.