Don't watch your kids struggle with allergies. Learn how to prevent seasonal and food allergies by recognizing symptoms and getting them the relief they need. Plus, get information about pet allergies, different types of allergy medicine, and more.

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How the Pandemic Made People More Understanding of My Child's Food Allergies

The pandemic has had a silver lining for my family: More people can now appreciate what it's like to live every day in emergency-preparedness mode.

Can Allergies Cause a Sore Throat?

Seasonal allergies come with a runny nose and sneezing, but can they also cause a sore throat? Here, experts discuss the link between postnasal drip and throat irritation.

Can Allergies Cause a Fever?

Experts say you might want to think twice before blaming your child's low-grade fever on allergies. Here's what parents need to know.

Allergies vs COVID-19: A Symptom Checker for Kids

Does your child have a runny nose and sore throat? You're probably wondering if it's seasonal allergies or the coronavirus. Here, we break down the key differences between COVID-19 symptoms and allergy symptoms.

Allergy Testing for Kids: A Parent's Guide

If your child suffers from allergy symptoms, your doctor may order blood or skin tests to make a diagnosis. Here's what parents should know about the types of allergy tests available today.

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FDA Food Labeling Changes During COVID-19: Here's What Parents Need to Know

The FDA is relaxing some food labeling requirements in light of the pandemic. But these changes could be risky for those with food allergies. Here's how to keep your kids safe.

Do Air Purifiers Really Work? We Asked Doctors

We asked pediatricians and immunologists if investing in an air purifier to help your family survive allergy season is smart or a waste of money. Here are the tips they gave so that you can be sure you’re spending wisely.

4 Common Causes of Indoor Allergies—And How to Get Rid of Them

Are your kids allergic to dust mites or something else? Find out what indoor allergens might be causing sniffles and sneezing in your home.