Speaking With the Stars: Grace Kaufman Talks About ADHD and Bullying

Grace Kaufma, star of the new movie SISTER, talks about playing a character with ADHD and how kids can handle bullying.


[MUSIC] [INAUDIBLE] It was a very hard role to kinda, to build up on and read with, and work with. But I just, I just said to myself, I'm gonna do this for all the kids out there who do have ADHD. And it's, I just wanna help raise awareness for them. [MUSIC]. I don't know what it is, but I've experienced some bullying before at school, and it's not fun. And, to kids out there, my advice would probably be, just ignore them, they're, they're not worth fighting for. And just, you always need to just keep your head held high, because you're, they're the ones you should feel sorry for. Not yourself, because if somebody who's gonna, say somebody's gonna pick on you, you just ignore them. [MUSIC]. In film, Nikki doesn't have those kinds of parents, cuz she's always away from them, and she, they just, she feels alienated from them. And if I, I think, I think Billy acts as her parent even though he's her brother. And he tells her that everything's gonna be okay and that she doesn't have to worry about any of that. That there's more important things in life than, than bullying. [MUSIC]

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