Your child's health is important. Learn about common allergies; cold and flu; how to treat a fever and when to go to the ER; ear infections; rashes; sore throats, stomach aches, and more.

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How to Get Through Cold and Flu Season Without Getting Sick
Baby, it's cold season—and believe it or not, your kids could slide through it with nary a stuffed nose or sore throat. Just take a few simple steps, starting today.
7 Ways to Boost Your Child's Immunity
Colds and flu are a fact of life for kids, but there are smart steps you can take to help reduce their number of sick days.
Must-Know Germ Fighters
Our experts share their top tips for protecting your little one from bad bugs.
5 Ways to Boost Your Kid's Gut Health
If you want to set him up for a lifetime of good health, it’s essential to bolster the bacteria in his belly. As a microbiologist and a mom, I’ve got five science-based strategies for doing just that.
Sleep-Disordered Breathing: The Hidden Sleep Problem Linked With ADHD and Even Orthodontics
If your kid still wakes up in the middle of the night or is irritable during the day, they may have an underlying breathing issue. Treatment can help them get the rest they need.
How Living With Diabetes Has Made Me a Better Role Model for My Kids
A mother describes her journey developing diabetes after gestational diabetes and how she has learned to accept and manage her diagnosis. She explains how it's also made her a better parent.

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A Parent's Guide to At-Home COVID Tests
From antigen tests to self-collection kits, at-home COVID tests can be a powerful tool for parents. Here's how to use them and whether you can trust the results.
Parents of Immunocompromised Students Are Forced to Rely on Others to Keep Their Kids Safe And That's Not Fair
With a third school year during the pandemic, families across the country are feeling the stress of having their kids back in school buildings. But for those with immunocompromised children, the stress is often far greater.

Nurse Fired After Posting Photos of a Baby with Birth Defect

“Your intestines ‘posed to be inside not outside baby!” the neonatal intensive care nurse captioned one post.