Hannah Silverman

Hannah Silverman
Title: Freelance writer
Education: University of South Australia
Location: Wiltshire, United Kingdom
Expertise: Parenting, Pregnancy, Women's health, Family, Travel

Hannah Silverman is a professional writer and content developer with a background in news journalism and feature writing and more than 17 years media experience. After graduating university (Bachelor of Journalism) in 2006 and working extensively in print, Hannah prioritized international travel. She has sent postcards from around the world including Asian temple ruins, South African conservation parks, and charming European hideaways. Hannah emigrated from Australia in 2013, working in PR, editorial content, and video production in London and Europe. Since giving birth to her adorable son in 2021, Hannah has returned to her journalism roots as a freelance writer, specializing in pregnancy, parenting, women’s health, and travel. Her work has also been featured in Motherly and Women’s Fitness.

Family is the ultimate oxymoron. It’s both wild and wonderful, unrelenting yet unconditional. It’s anxiety-inducing, but also a great comforter. Above all, it’s the most beautiful of life’s adventures and even in my most zombie-like of states, manages to keep me grounded and grateful everyday.

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