Green Sprouts Recalls Sippy Cups and Bottles Due To Lead Poisoning

Green Sprouts is recalling several of their stainless steel cup and bottle products because of the potential exposure to lead.

Green Sprouts Recalls Stainless Steel Toddler Bottles

Consumer Product Safety Commission

Green Sprouts, a popular manufacturer that makes stainless steel bottles and cups for toddlers since 1982, recalled about 10,500 units of their Straw Bottles, Sippy Cups and Sip & Straw Cups on November 23, 2022.

It was discovered that the recalled stainless steel bottles and cups have bottom bases that can break off and expose a solder dot that contains lead. Lead poisoning is an obvious hazard to children, and if ingested, can cause adverse health impacts like headaches, loss of appetite, tiredness or irritability, nausea, voting, constipation and stomach pain. Given that the World Health Organization (WHO) notes that young children are particularly vulnerable to lead poisoning because they absorb 4–5 times as much ingested lead as adults, this recall is especially concerning for parents.

In a statement on its website, Green Sprouts noted that they issued the voluntary recall and said the solder dot contains lead and that part of the product is inaccessible under "normal use."

"Had we been aware that a component containing lead in these products could become accessible, we wouldn't have put them on the market; now that we know, we are voluntarily recalling these products. There is negligible risk to the health and safety of users. We are undertaking the costs and challenges of this recall voluntarily because our customers' health and safety must come first," the company wrote.

The US Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC), who is responsible for promoting the safety of consumer products, addressing "unreasonable risks" of injury, and conducting research into product-related illness and injury reported they received seven reports of incidents of the bottles' base breaking off exposing the solder dot. However, no injuries have been reported.

According to the CPSC, consumers should take the recalled stainless steel bottles and cups away from their children and discard them immediately. Green Sprouts is offering a full refund in either store credit or money back for the products.

Dehydration is very common in young children and can cause loss of energy, thirst and dryness, sunken eyes, and dry diapers. Make sure that your child is hydrating with an adequate amount of liquids and find products that are safe for them to drink out of.

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