Q: Can I keep my pregnancy a secret until the baby is born?

A: While most women can conceal a pregnancy through the first trimester, it is very difficult to hide a pregnancy until birth. Understandably, many women want to wait to share their news until the first trimester is over, when most of the genetic testing has been done and the risk of miscarriage declines.  Although it is certainly your choice regarding when and with whom you share your news, there are some benefits to sharing your news: having friends and family help on days when you aren't feeling well (nausea affects up to 70% of pregnant women and fatigue can be overwhelming at times), having a baby shower (which helps decrease the amount of things you have to purchase for your newborn), having women around you (who have been through pregnancy and childbirth) to give you advice and tips on where to find the best burp cloths to which childbirth or lactation classes to take, etc.  But, ultimately, sharing your pregnancy news with others is a personal decision; after weighing all the pluses and minuses, it is up to you.

Answered by Dr. Michele Hakakha



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