Decoding TTC Acronyms

Hoping AFSA and that your HPT brings you a BFP? If you're TTC (that's trying to conceive, JIC you didn't know…), you may have come across these and other TTC acronyms on message boards or social media. Decoding these abbreviations is an important step in your journey, so you can speak the language of other hopeful moms and dads trying to get pregnant.


I'm 14 DPO...gonna POAS. DPO???? POAS??? Decoding the world of TTC lingo. (That's trying to conceive, JIC you didn't know...) I got 2 lines on my OPK... Time to BD! I got a positive result on my ovulation predictor kit. Let's do the baby dance tonight (aka "sexy times") BFN. Need a pint of ice cream Rocky Road seems right... Got a big fat negative on latest pregnancy test. About to stuff my feelings with some Ben and Jerry's. EWCM! Time to DTD. My cervical mucus looks like egg whites! Finally at my most fertile. Time to get busy and do the deed. Only 5 DPO, but I'm a POAS addict... I'm only 5 days past ovulation but I'm obsessed with peeing on a stick. Need this HPT to ring me the BFP I've been longing for. Hoping this home pregnancy test shows a big fat positive result. Send me some baby dust and AFSA!!! Send all positive vibes so aunt flo stays away. I can't take another disappointment. I just had my BT and it's a BFP! My EDD is July 20th!! My doctor just confirmed my blood test is a big fat positive my expected due date is July 20th!! Can't. Stop. Smiling. Parents. FamilyFun. parenting. fit pregnancy. 

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