TTC? OMG! A Guide to Common Conception Abbreviations

Having a baby these days means learning a whole new language. We're here to help you navigate the ABC's of TTC (Trying To Conceive)!

WTF?! The world is moving so quickly that trying to have a baby doesn't even require words. Now, modern family planning only takes a few letters. Some of these acronyms are familiar (IVF, or In Vitro Fertilization), but others may leave you scratching your head. As in, what the heck is BD and why should I care? (FYI, it means 'Baby Dance'—time to get busy between the sheets!)

Don't be left in the baby-making dark! Here are the top 20 conception abbreviations. (Fingers crossed you end up PGPregnant!)

  1. AF It's that time of the month—a visit from your ol' Aunt Flo. But of course your period is not what you want when you're TTC. In fact, many gals chant AFSA (Aunt Flo Stay Away!).
  2. BBT Fortunately, this temperature has nothing to do with the flu. A daily check-in to note your Basal Body Temperature helps keep track of the monthly spike that occurs after ovulation (and this is when you do the BD!).
  3. BFN (and BFP) Glimpsing a home pregnancy test and then suddenly feeling like crap means you've seen a Big Fat Negative. The opposite is, of course, BFP, or Big Fat Positive!
  4. BT Say yes to that needle stick! If you suspect you're prego, a Blood Test can confirm (it's more accurate than a urine test).
  5. CF (also CM) Ew! Your Cervical Fluid or Cervical Mucus is actually critical to unlocking the conception door. Get up close and personal with this monthly wetness, whether it's slick, clear, or cloudy, so you can pinpoint a fertile moment.
  6. DH (also DP and SO) He (or she) is your one and only, a partner in crime, and your main squeeze. Yup, it means Dear Husband, Dear Partner, or Significant Other. Why not give yours a little TLC today?
  7. DPO This is the countdown that can leave you breathless—it stands for Days Past Ovulation. If you're planning a baby, you'll be sitting tight for about 10-14 days before a home pregnancy test shows a BFP.
  8. DTD Yay—this is the fun one! When your CF is right, it's time to DTD—Do The Deed (as in, have sex!).
  9. EC Ice, Ice—BABY. EC or Embryo Cryo (freezing) keeps your eggs nice and fresh until you're ready to defrost!
  10. EDD This is the date you circle on the calendar in red pen. It's your Estimated Due Date, which is often determined from that first, early ultrasound.
  11. GS She's the Amy Poehler to your Tina Fey! Via IVF, your fertilized egg is transferred to this lady vessel, aka, the Gestational Surrogate.
  12. hCG This substance is a magic hormone, one you definitely want swimming in your bloodstream. The abbreviation stands for Human Chorionic Gonadotropin, and your ob/gyn can detect it in the blood (and later in urine) during the first week or two of pregnancy.
  13. HPT If you are TTC, you've stocked up on a ton of pee sticks, AKA Home Pregnancy Tests!
  14. IUI Having trouble getting his sperm to join up with your egg? IUI, or Intrauterine Insemination, is the golden ticket. This procedure shoots sperm, via a catheter, into your uterus. The result? A BFP—FTW!
  15. MC It's the saddest outcome, but not that uncommon. Many women who are TTC have suffered a Miscarriage.
  16. MS Whether it's the sight of raw chicken, the scent of overripe bananas or getting out of bed too quickly in the morning, Morning Sickness sucks. Try Saltines, plain toast, or ginger chews.
  17. POAS You'll do this to check your baby status. Yup, Pee On A Stick is the longer version, and if you're TTC you'll be sprinkling every month.
  18. PVN These huge horse pills are hated, but you've got to choke them down. A PVN, or Prenatal Vitamin, is a multi that's taken for a few months prior to conception to ensure the right nutrients are present for the healthiest bambino possible.
  19. RE If you're TTC and it's taking many months, make an appointment to see an RE or Reproductive Endocrinologist. He can help diagnose why you're having trouble and help put you on the path to mommyhood.
  20. SD No man in the picture? Or is yours having some plumbing trouble? Either way, you need a Sperm Donor. Hazel eyes, 6 foot, 4 inches and a Ph.D. in neurophysics—yes, please!
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